What is the best solution to my line marking problems?
At FixMaster we have a selection of products to help line marking for factory, schools, warehouses, and all areas requiring social distancing. FixMaster Heavy Duty Line Marking Tape – ideal for concrete, timber, brick, stone, and metal. FixMaster Heavy Duty Line Marking Tape is a heavy-duty self-adhesive floor marking tape that has a unique construction and is designed to meet modern 5S requirements. It is the perfect solution to a multitude of line marking applications. In these strange times it is ideal for social distance marking, helping keep staff and customers safe. The tapes are avai..
How can I repair potholes quickly?
Potholes are holes in the tarmac / asphalt / concrete that are caused by the expansion and contraction of water after the water has entered the ground under the surface. When water freezes, it expands. If water gets into the ground under the top surface and has a chance to freeze, it will take up more space underneath, the surface will expand, bend, and crack, which weakens the surface material. Then when ice melts, the surface contracts and leaves gaps or voids in the surface under the top layer where water can get in and be trapped. If the water freezes and thaws over and over, the surfac..
Pourable Concrete Repairs in Minutes!
FixMaster FastPatch 3-2-1 is fibre reinforced cementitious pourable compound that is extremely versatile ideal for any repairs to concrete. Easily mixed and applied, simply add 3 parts powder to 1 part of water. Stronger than concrete, suitable for internal and external applications and ready for vehicular traffic in just 2 hours. • Just add water (3 parts powder to 1 water), mix and pour • Can be applied to dry or damp surfaces • Cures at temperatures as low as 5°C • Feather edge to 100mm+ • Odourless, non-toxic and non-hazardous formula ..
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Potholes are commonplace this time of year and can cause damage to cars and injury to visitors. FixMaster Pothole Asphalt repair will transform that hole in minutes. It is ideal for repairs to driveways, roadways and paths. Compacts to a hard wearing surface that will accept vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Easy to use, simply overfill the hole with the product, then compact with a tamper. ..
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Wet and cold conditions this time of year prevent coating slippery wooden decking to make them safe. Make it safer instantly using Eli-Safe GRP Decking Strips. • Waterproof and rot proof–ideal for timber which regularly gets wet • Pre-drilled for screw fixing (screws supplied) • Cut to size service available • Virtually indestructible • Can be trimmed on site using a hacksaw if required • Chamfered edges reduce any trip hazard • Available in Black or Stone, 50mm, 90mm & 120mm widths and 1200mm or 2400mm lengths NB. The decking strips are pre-drilled for easy fixing to timber. Holes ..
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Wet and cold conditions at this time of year can prevent coating potentially slippery external surfaces to make them safe. FixMaster have a wide range of GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) products including Sheets, Step Covers, Step Edges and Decking Strips. All are very sturdy (3-4mm thick) with a slip-resistant, textured surface. The lightweight products are extremely quick and easy to install in all conditions if required providing an instant solution. Steps can be particularly troublesome in poorly lit areas, but this issue is eradicated with our glow in the dark Step Covers and Step Edge..
FixMaster – Looking to Buy Photo Luminescent Safety Tape?
Do you frequently work in gloomy or dark environments? FixMaster have many glow-in-the-dark products, including Photo Luminescent Safety Tape. Providing all the benefits of our standard safety tape, this version glows for up to 10 hours from only 30 minutes of light. It is suitable for concrete, timber, brick, stone and metal, and perfect for highlighting an area you think might be dangerous. The adhesive is of the highest quality, which is why it’s suitable for durable wearing surfaces. This Photo Luminescent Safety Tape has a tough aluminium oxide grit for long-term slip resistance. ..
FixMaster – Glowing Anti-Slip Step Covers
With plenty of ice around and dark evenings, it can be extremely dangerous at this time of year. Steps can get particularly dangerous if they’re not visible in the dark. FixMaster have a range of anti-slip and step products, including Eli-Safe Step Covers which are made from high quality GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) tread. These step covers not only glow in the dark, but have a slip-resistant top surface. Since they glow they will make it much easier to find your way in the dark. Our anti-slip step covers have many fantastic qualities to keep you safe. They are also corrosion resista..
FixMaster - Our All Weather Roof Treatments
Do you need a handy product for remedial roof repairs? With weather reports showing plenty of rain on the way, the last thing anybody needs is a leaky roof; and if you’re working on a roof, the last thing you want is rain or snow slowing your progress. A product that requires no mixing and can be applied even while raining. For an all-weather roof treatment, consider RoofProof for all those emergency jobs. Even if it’s raining cats and dogs, you won’t have any problems with any minor holes in your roof. RoofProof can even be applied while it’s raining and will still do the trick, witho..
FixMaster – Our Specialist Concrete Paints
Do you require anti-slip paints, or durable epoxy resin coatings? At FixMaster we have a range of long lasting, specialist concrete paints, including this Epoxy Paint 100 which transforms concrete spaces. FixMaster Epoxy Paint 100 is very easy to apply, and quick drying. Suitable for cars, HGV’s and forklifts. it is also available in an anti-slip version making itideal for slippery places such as driveways, paths and cycle ways. Hard-wearing specialist paint. If you require a hard-wearing coating, Floor Protector Plus will prevent existing coatings from any wear-and-tear. It will also..
FixMaster – Epoxy Paints for Concrete at Competitive Prices
Do you require tough, long-lasting paints for concrete? Whether you work in an industrial warehouse or need paint for an outside area, FixMaster have everything you need to paint industrial surfaces, including concrete. When painting concrete, it’s important the surface is cleaned beforehand, to remove dirt, general debris or contaminants. It’s also important to fill in any crack or uneven bits of the surface. At FixMaster our products include Eli-Patch an epoxy repair mortar and Fastpatch 3-2-1, both perfect for concrete repairs. Subsequent to cleaning and repairing concrete, it’s importan..
Do you need self illuminating safety products?  FixMaster Eli-Glow Range
Health and safety is hugely important in industrial environments, with glow in the dark products a great way to minimise accidents in low lit places. At Fix Master we have a wide range of photo-luminescent products, including glow in the dark tape, paint, hard hats and step covers. Used by a range of different professionals, these are a quick and cost-effective way to make your premises instantly safer. Products that charge in only 30 minutes. Among our range of glow-in-the-dark products is our Glowing Arrow, which is ideal for highlighting escape routes. Instantly lighting up during a po..
Is your Decking Slippery? - FixMaster Anti-Slip Decking Coat
Are you worried about safety outside your building? Decking is both aesthetically pleasing and an attractive feature to have, but it can become dangerous in damp or shaded areas. At FixMaster we have everything needed to make your decking extra safe, including Anti-Slip Decking Coat and Deck Safety Ultra. We also have Eli-Safe Glow Safe Covers and Eli-Safe GRP Decking Strips. Specialist anti-slip paint to improve safety. Our Anti-Slip Decking Coat is suitable for both stained or unstained decking. Easy to use, this product has special micro aggregates to improve safety, and provide a spec..
FixMaster Chemically Resistant Epoxy Paint
FixMaster – Our Epoxy Chemical Resistant Paint Need paint that looks fantastic, and resists chemicals like magic? Ideal for industrial or commercial flooring, FixMaster provides a high grade epoxy resin coating that is ideal for schools, laboratories, showrooms, plants rooms and food & beverage plants. Epoxy Paint 100 will resist even the most acidic spillages, and is extremely easy to clean. It offers excellence resistant to both alcohol and chemical attacks- that makes it absolutely ideal for factories. Attractive paint that also resists chemicals and alcohol. The paint can also be app..
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