Glow In The Dark Safety Anti-Slip And Step Products

January is often described as ‘the Monday of months’.

Christmas is long over, the evenings are dark and everybody is longing for spring. And with the latest snow and ice, accidents are more likely to happen. The latest biggest freeze has led to chaos on the roads, with temperatures plummeting to -10C in some parts. No doubt accidents have also risen in commercial environments too.

Whether you have an industrial plant or government building, it’s important to ensure your outside steps are visible to visitors. When it gets dark around 4pm, glow-in-the-dark products are an excellent solution for areas without street lamps.

At FixMaster our photo-luminescent products bring light to even the gloomiest corners, whether they’re needed for escape routes or anti-slip facilities. 

For a product which is strong, photo-luminescent and has anti-slip qualities, consider Eli-Safe Glow Step Covers. With their anti-slip GRP tread, this product can be used for a vast number of different applications. Quick to install, corrosion resistant and tough as nails, it’s a fast-track solution for any flight of stairs.

Usable almost immediately, we provide a free cutting service for Eli-Safe Step Covers. That means you can have them in any width or length.

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