Glow In The Dark Products For Your Safety

Dark evenings, gloomy weather and the anti-climax following Christmas- it’s easy to get despondent at this time of year. It’s also much easier to slip over and have accidents, especially if an outside area is poorly illuminated. Health and Safety often becomes a bigger issue in the winter months.

Bring light to even the most tenebrous surroundings, with FixMaster.

With our Glow in the Dark products, you can have luminescent steps, glowing arrows, safety helmets, or any glowing household object, with our photo-luminescent paint. We even have safety tape that radiates light like a glow worm, and will omit light for up to 10 hours, from just half an hour’s light.

This tape is suitable for a wide variety of surfaces, including concrete, timber, brick, stone and metal.

If you regularly work in the dark, our safety helmets could be a fantastic asset. Made using innovative photo-luminescent paint, they provided the latest in battery-free protection. Like our safety tape, this helmet will charge after exposure to only 30 minutes of light. The resulting after-glow will last for up to 6 hours.

Made with Thermo-plastic impregnated with photo-luminescent pigment powders, it glows a vivid green in darkness.

Stay safe and illuminated this winter.

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