Need Instant Pipe Repairs?

Do you need a quick emergency product for pipes? During the rainy season, the last thing you need is leaky pipes, whether it’s at home or your business premises.

For a product which requires no mixing or measuring, consider Eli-wrap Repair Bandages.

This simple-to-use product is woven fibreglass substrate, impregnated in water activated polyurethane resin. Since it can be used instantly, it will significantly reduce downtime and production loss.

Because of its ease-of-use, it can be deployed by any apprentice, and is ideal for any on-site emergencies.

The 50mm x 3.6m version of this product is currently sold for only £13.50 (previously £27.00). Available in either black or white, Eli-wrap Repair Bandages are ideal for any coloured pipe. Successful repairs with this product usually only take 20 minutes. When a pipe is corroded or damaged, these bandages are the quick fix you need.

This product is perfect for pipes made of copper, PVC, Polypipe, metal or fibreglass, and has an internal pressure of up to 1000 k.p.a.

Rated five-stars by our customers, it’s the perfect addition to your maintenance staff’s workbox.

Stop leaks instantly in 2016.

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