Step Covers To Make Your Building Safer

‘You’ll have to watch your step…’

Do you have a perilous flight of stairs at your place of work? Have staff or guests suffered accidents in the past? Whether you have a fire escape or spiral staircase, FixMaster are keen to help you.

Stairway accidents are unfortunately extremely common, particularly at night. But the right step covers can make a big difference, especially if you choose our Eli-safe GLOW Step Covers.

Strong and durable, these step covers can withstand even the heaviest human traffic. Made from high quality GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic), they are made from an amalgamation of resins and reinforcing fibres. Eli-safe Step Covers are absolutely ideal for fire escapes, timber decking, spiral staircases and any other staircases.

Eli-safe Step Covers are slip-resistant, light weight, impact resistant, non-metallic and DDA compliant. FixMaster offer a free of charge cutting service for this product, which is available for a tolerance of up to 3mm. Quick to install and usable almost immediately, our step covers lead to little down time. 

Manufactured to ISO 9001, they are available in a range of sizes. If you feel that appearance is important, you can also try a small trial area first.  

For more about our Step Covers, take a look here.

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