Our All Weather Roof Treatments

Do you need a handy product for remedial roof repairs?

With weather reports showing plenty of rain on the way, the last thing anybody needs is a leaky roof; and if you’re working on a roof, the last thing you want is rain or snow slowing your progress.

A product that requires no mixing and can be applied even while raining.

For an all-weather roof treatment, consider RoofProof for all those emergency jobs.

Even if it’s raining cats and dogs, you won’t have any problems with any minor holes in your roof. RoofProof can even be applied while it’s raining and will still do the trick, without being washed away. This is because it is already ready to use with no mixing required. 

What materials will RoofProof stick to?

This all-weather roof treatment will adhere to a variety of materials, including asphalt, bitumen, concrete, slates, metals and plastic guttering. Not only does it provide excellent adhesion but is also highly flexible.

Better yet, you only require a single coat application.

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