Our Specialist Concrete Paints

Do you require anti-slip paints, or solid epoxy resin coatings?  At FixMaster we have a range of long lasting, specialist concrete paints, including this Asphalt Resurfacer which transforms old asphalt.

This concrete paint is very easy to apply, and extremely quick drying. Suitable for light to medium traffic, it is suitable for cars but not for HGV’s and forklifts. With its anti-slip qualities, it is ideal for slippery places and for driveways, paths and cycle ways.

Hard-wearing specialist paint.

If you require a hard-wearing coating, Floor Protector Plus will prevent existing coatings from any wear-and-tear. It will also prevent UV discolouration and is suitable for both external and internal applications.

Offering excellent chemical resistance, Floor Protector Plus can cope with movement in asphalt and the use of vibrating machinery. It is ideal for places which are prone to spillages. All that’s required is a clean, dry and sound surface. This paint offers a clear glossy finish and is also suitable for metal surfaces.

We also offer a Bund Coat, idea for places that need to be waterproof.

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