Our Epoxy Chemical Resistant Paint

Need paint that is non-abrasive, and resists chemicals like magic?

Ideal for industrial or commercial flooring, FixMaster provides a high grade epoxy resin coating that is ideal for schools, laboratories, showrooms, plants rooms and food & beverage plants. Epoxy Paint 100 will resist even the most acidic spillages, and is extremely easy to clean. It offers excellence resistant to both alcohol and chemical attacks- that makes it absolutely ideal for factories.

Attractive paint that also resists chemicals and alcohol.

The paint can also be applied to vertical surfaces, and leaves a highly attractive glossy finish. Not only that, you can choose from a range of colours: light grey, dark grey, yellow, bright red and green. (If there isn’t a colour that takes your fancy, others are available on request.)

This Epoxy Chemical Resistant paint is also solvent free and virtually odourless. All you have to do is make sure surfaces are clean, dry and free from oils or contaminants.

We also have a General Purpose Epoxy Paint WB which is ideal for trafficked areas, such as warehouses, cellars and places for food preparation. Again, it is virtually odourless and easy to apply.