Line Marking

Line Marking – What are my options?

At FixMaster we have a selection of products to help separate areas and highlight dangers. It is becoming more important to differentiate areas and keep people and the company safe. 

FixMaster Line Marker HD – A best-seller for schools in particular. Ideal for asphalt, concrete, wood and previously painted surfaces. FixMaster Line Marker HD is a simple, affordable solution for social distance and general line marking in and around your business. Line Marker HD dries quickly and can be applied in low temperatures making it the ideal paint to have handy. It is touch dry in 15 minutes, will take foot traffic in an hour and wheeled traffic in 2 hours. It can be applied by roller or brush and 5 litres will cover 250m of a 100mm wide line. It can be applied externally or internally in well ventilated areas. Typical uses are playgrounds, carparks, walkways, and hazard warnings.

FixMaster Heavy Duty Line Marking Tape – ideal for concrete, timber, brick, stone, and metal. FixMaster Heavy Duty Line Marking Tape is a heavy-duty self-adhesive floor marking tape that has a unique construction and is designed to meet modern 5S requirements. It is the perfect solution to a multitude of line marking applications. In these strange times it is ideal for social distance marking, helping keep staff and customers safe. The tapes are available in a range of 12 colours, this helps with identifying areas for specific uses, or traffic. The tape is so strong that it can be scraped up without snapping or cracking. This allows area colours to be changed easily with minimal shutdown periods. The construction is a solid flexible plastic 1mm thick. The colour is throughout the tape and will not be removed, it has supreme colourfastness. The tape is available in 30m lengths and widths of 50mm, 75mm, and 100mm. The edges are chamfered to help prevent trips. This excellent tape can be trafficked immediately, making it perfect for the busy working environments. It will withstand the most industrial, heavy duty traffic in wet and dry conditions. Most commonly used in warehousing, garages, schools and areas of heavy traffic.

FixMaster Safety Tape – An anti-slip safety and highlighting tape. Available in a range of warning colours, with a medium texture anti-slip finish to keep people on their feet! Most commonly used in warehousing, garages, schools and areas of pedestrian traffic. Typical applications include step edges, ramps, loading bays, and areas prone to becoming damp.


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