A range of repair & resurfacing products for concrete and Asphalt. We have a repair solution for all areas, whether you need to resurface a floor with our concrete Floor Leveller, or fill a pothole fast, we can help.

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Revive-A-Drive Asphalt Binder & Driveway Sealer

£22.00£94.00Each Ex VAT
Revive-A-Drive Asphalt Binder is a rapid setting water based polymer bitumen compound which penetrates, binds and restores aged asphalt and tarmac surfaces

FastPatch Concrete Patch Repair

£28.00£54.00Each Ex VAT
FastPatch concrete patch repair is a fast, effective way to quickly repair holes in concrete and asphalt

Asphalt Pothole Repair 25kg

£32.0025kg Ex VAT
A cold lay instant bitumen repair system for fast and effective repairs to exterior asphalt, tarmac and concrete surfaces

High Strength Epoxy Resin Adhesive 1kg

£25.001kg Ex VAT
A multi-purpose, epoxy resin bonding compound with an easy 1 to 1 mix ratio

Concrete Floor Leveller 25kg

£45.0025kg Ex VAT
Our industrial concrete floor leveller has 33% greater compressive strength than most concrete surfaces and 90% greater tensile strength. it is a pourable self levelling resurfacer for damaged or rough concrete surfaces. Floor Leveller contains reinforcing polyamide fibres for superior strength, shock and abrasion resistance, it is suitable for forklift traffic and general industrial use

Eli-Wrap Pipe Repair Bandage

£18.00£30.00Each Ex VAT
50mm x 3.6m
50mm x 4.8m
100mm x 4.8m
Eli-Wrap Pipe Repair Bandages are a quick action emergency pipe repair system that stops leaks instantly

RoofProof Instant Roof Repair 5kg

£25.005kg Ex VAT
RoofProof is an acrylic, solvent-based coating with reinforcing fibres which can be applied as a high build or standard coat