Anti Slip and step safety

Making Steps/Ramps/Decking Safe in all conditions

Wet and cold conditions at this time of year can prevent coating potentially slippery external surfaces to make them safe. FixMaster have a wide range of GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) products including Sheets, Step Covers, Step Edges and Decking Strips. All are very sturdy (3-4mm thick) with a slip-resistant, textured surface.

The lightweight products are extremely quick and easy to install in all conditions if required providing an instant solution. Steps can be particularly troublesome in poorly lit areas, but this issue is eradicated with our glow in the dark Step Covers and Step Edges. They absorb, retain and release energy in the form of an ambient nosing glow for up to 8hrs in darkness, it will continue this process an infinite amount of times with no loss in performance. A free of charge cutting service is available.



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