Prepare a surface for painting with our selection of Epoxy Resin Primersand degreaser. Our Epoxy Floor Primer can cover a large surface area before applying other coatings.

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Safety Tape Primer 1L

£25.00Tin Ex VAT
Anti slip tape primer is recommended for dusty, porous or gritty surfaces andĀ gives better adhesion on poor surfaces

Epoxy Floor Prime WB 5L

£78.005L Ex VAT
A specially developed epoxy floor primer to aid adhesion of FixMaster paint systems

Epoxy Prime 100 5L

£72.005L Ex VAT
A moisture tolerant epoxy floor primer and surface strengthener, for use prior to application of epoxy coatings

Bio-Clean Degreaser 5L

£18.005L Ex VAT
A powerful and effective cleaner formulated with biodegradable components which is perfect for internal areas where odours would be a problem