Case Study - Coin Cast Penny Floor Coating at Landmark London Casino

Product Used: Coin Cast Penny Floor Coating

The Hippodrome Night club and Casino is a stunning building in the West End with beautiful balconies and faultless interior design.

The first floor Heliot bar needed updating and they wanted something extravagant and different, they decided on a striking penny floor, using FixMaster Coin Cast Penny Floor Coating, a crystal clear, high gloss resin poured over 2p coins.

The area surrounds the curved bar and a black self-levelling epoxy was laid to ensure the coins could be laid on a completely flat surface. Over 50,000 2p coins were painstakingly laid out and secured to the levelled floor so there would be no movement during the resin pour.

This was important over an area in excess of 40m² with intricate shapes and curves, the trick was to apply the resin without creating bubbles or trapping air in corners and voids. A total of 350kg of resin was used for the floor but the result is worth every penny!

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Hippodrome case study
Coin Cast Penny Floor Coating

Coin Cast is a clear epoxy casting resin especially designed to create hard wearing, unique floors, bar tops and tabletops. Very popular for creative projects including resin floors to cover coins, family photos, wood, records………the choice is yours

A hard-wearing epoxy resin coating system with a smooth gloss finish. A popular choice which is virtually odourless making application in confined areas quick and easy, can be poured at thickness up to 7mm allowing materials such as coins, bottle tops or pebbles to be embedded in the resin. Pigments and metal powders can be added to change the appearance of castings, although they can reduce the clarity of the resin.

Coin Cast can be supplied in 1.4kg, 2.8kg,7kg or 35kg units

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