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A clear epoxy coating & casting resin especially designed to create hard wearing, beautiful bar tops and tabletops. Very popular for creative projects to cover coins, family photos, wood, records…..the choice is yours

A hard wearing epoxy resin coating system with a smooth gloss finish. A popular choice which is virtually odourless making application in confined areas quick and easy, can be poured at thickness up to 15mm allowing materials such as coins, wood, bottle tops or pebbles to be embedded in the resin. Pigments and metal powders can be added to change the appearance of castings, although they can reduce the clarity of the resin.

Epoxy Coatng Resin can also be used to cover artwork, paintings, sculptures & souvenirs. Supplied as 1.4kg, 2.8kg or 7kg units

  • Non-Flammable
  • Odour free & solvent free
  • Optically Clear to 6mm
  • Easy to use
  • Self levelling
  • Non yellowing
  • UV resistant



  Surfaces   concrete, wood or metal
  Interior/Exterior   Interior
  Curing time   at 20°C touch dry in 3 hours, hard in 24 hours, full cure in 5 – 7 days
  Primer required?   very porous surfaces should be sealed before pouring the resin
  Coverage   1kg of the mixed product will cover 1m²@ 1mm thick
  Thickness   a 2mm-3mm thickness is recommended for a flooring application
  Pot Life   40 minutes
  Shelf life   one year in sealed containers



By weight: 100 + 40, By volume 2 + 1
The mixing ratio must be accurately followed, it is not possible to change the ratio as this would result in lower mechanical properties and the resin not drying properly. Pour the required amount of hardener and resin into a large container and stir for 3-5 minutes until the components are completely mixed. Epoxy systems heat up much faster in a pot than as a thin film, so it is important to pour immediately, mix only what is needed within the 40 minute pot life



The product can be applied by hand pouring or by brush/roller. The resin can be tinted using polymer pigments in solid and translucent colours. The product generates exotherm when mixed in larger volumes, and becomes unusable very quickly so we recommend that small amounts are mixed initially (2 kg), and once you are more confident and understand the product, amounts can be increased to a maximum of 7 kg at a time.

Ensure your piece is perfectly flat and level,  therwise the resin will run to the lowest point and “pool” in the centre, leaving too little resin at the corners. On large canvas paintings / pictures you should tighten the canvas as much as possible or place a board underneath to support it uniformly.
Any bubbles created by hand-mixing can be easily popped by using a sharp object or by passing warm air over the surface of the resin (e.g using a blowtorch or hot air dryer on slow speed setting).
Don’t hold the blowtorch or hot air blower closer than 30 cm to your artwork otherwise you risk creating ripples and dimples in the resin finish.
You will need to protect the area from dust accumulation for at least 12-24hrs, try to avoid cross draughts while the area is drying.


Technical Data Sheet (PDF)              Safety Data Sheet MSDS (PDF)

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Clear Epoxy Coating Resin for Table Tops / Bar Tops

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