• Epoxy Prime 100 5L

A moisture tolerant epoxy floor primer and surface strengthener, for use prior to application of epoxy coatings


Ideal for screeds and poor quality concrete, it strengthens concrete prior to application of epoxy and urethane products. A two pack solvent free primer especially designed to reduce suction on porous, very absorbent surfaces prior to application of epoxy coatings. It has significant benefits over traditional water-based primers in respect of penetration, substrate binding and curing. Not for use on non-porous surfaces.

  • Excellent adhesion to wet concrete
  • Binds weak surfaces
  • Solvent free
  • Slightly flexible properties
  • Good curing performance at low temperatures
  • Excellent sealing properties
  • Good penetration



  Surfaces   concrete, sand & cement screeds
  Interior/Exterior   interior
  Curing time  @ 20°C foot traffic - 1 day, light traffic – 2 days, full cure – 7 days
  Coverage   350-500 g/m2 per coat on standard concrete
  Pot Life   40 mins @ 10°C, 30 mins @ 20°C, 15 mins @ 30°C
  Shelf life and Storage   one year in sealed containers. Store in a temperature of 10-25°C. Do not store in direct sunlight.


Surface Preparation

The substrate must be clean, free from laitance, oil, grease and other agents which may impair adhesion. Cleaning techniques may include acid etching, grinding, light mechanical scabbling, blasting or degreasing depending on floor contamination. Existing concrete floors should be sound and free from loose material. It is recommended that damaged areas be repaired with Eli-Patch Epoxy Repair Mortar prior to the application of Epoxy Prime 100.


It is imperative that mixing is carried out in the resin container. Epoxy Prime 100 is a two-pack system and it is very important to ensure the hardener and resin are thoroughly mixed together. The entire contents of the hardener should be added to the entire contents of the resin pack and stirred thoroughly. Packs should not be split unless accurately weighed. Once mixed Epoxy Prime 100 must be applied immediately. Epoxy Prime 100 should be allowed to become tack free prior to the application of FixMaster epoxy systems and touch dry prior to the application of urethanes to eliminate crosslink reaction. In all cases further applications must be carried out within 72 Hours.


Epoxy Prime 100 is applied to the prepared substrate by roller or brush ensuring a continuous film. Avoid over-application and puddles, porous floors may require two coats.


Technical Data Sheet (PDF)                      Safety Data Sheet (PDF)    

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Epoxy Prime 100 5L

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