Case Study - Floor Protector Plus Case Study at The Tate Modern

Product Used: Floor Protector Plus Polyaspartic Floor Coating

FixMaster UK was approached by a long time customer to come up with a solution for a significant project that required a very unique solution.

The Tate Modern in London wanted to put on an exhibition like no other and turned to FixMaster to come up with the all important protection for their unique Thermo Chromatic Pigments that change colour with temperature and react to body heat.

Special Effects & Coatings developed the colour changing pigments which were impregnated into the tiles, then here at FixMaster we got to work on the best solution to enable them to be walked on by huge number of visitors expected by The Tate, but still be effective. We came up with the perfect solution which was to use our Floor Protector Plus Polyaspartic Resin as the initial protective layer, followed by Epoxy Floor Seal to give a hard wearing, matt finish which was specified by the artist Tania Bruguera.

The area to be covered was 3,200m² in the famous Turbine Hall, it was applied in a week by Steve and his team at Anglia Décor, a company that has used FixMaster products extensively with a fantastic record of quality installations.

If you planning a similar project, please let us know, you can email us at or call us on 01483 266636 and speak to one of our technical advisors.


Case study
Floor Protector Plus Polyaspartic Floor Coating

Floor Protector Plus is an exceptionally hardwearing coating that incorporates the latest polyaspartic technology. Ideal as a protective clear coating applied directly to concrete, or for the long term protection of epoxy and decorative floor finishes.

Overall this was a unique challenge, but one that was rewarding and has seen a very individual art exhibition come to life. We are glad we were able to come up with this solution.

Floor Protector Plus is supplied in 2.5L tins

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Matt sealer being applied over
pigmented tiles coatied with Floor Protector Plus

Finished floor in the Turbine Room at the
Tate Modern - ready to reveal the hidden artwork

Effect of Thermo Chromatic Pigments
reacting to body heat when the floor is touched