Glow In The Dark Products For Industrial Environments

Health and safety is hugely important in industrial environments, with glow in the dark products a great way to minimise accidents in low lit places.

At Fix Master we have a wide range of photo-luminescent products, including glow in the dark tape, paint, hard hats and step covers. Used by a range of different professionals, these are a quick and cost-effective way to make your premises instantly safer.

Products that charge in only 30 minutes.

Among our range of glow-in-the-dark products is our Glowing Arrow, which is ideal for highlighting escape routes. Instantly lighting up during a power-cut or loss of light, it requires no batteries, solar panels or power of any kind. The glow from this arrow lasts for around 8 hours with as little as 30 minutes of exposure.

Non-radioactive and non-toxic, this glow in the dark arrow will guide the way, even in the dead of night. This product costs only £6.00 and is obviously energy efficient.

We also have glowing hats made with cutting edge photo-luminescent pigments, for those who require self-illumination in the workplace. Again, this will charge in as little as 30 minutes, with the resulting after-glow lasting 6 hours.

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