Specialist Driveway Coatings From FixMaster

Do you need to re-surface your driveway? Are you looking for a specialist driveway coating that will transform the appearance of your asphalt?

At FixMaster we have everything needed to maintain both the interior and exterior of your property, including this Asphalt Resurfacer. This product is perfect for vehicular traffic and will transform the appearance of your property.

Fix damaged or worn asphalt instantly.

Sealing and re-surfacing even the most uneven driveway, this specialist coating is easy to apply and offers a matte, slip-resistant finish. Suitable for light to medium traffic, it has great covering power and is extremely quick drying.  

This coating is made of a combination of bitumen emulsion and fine aggregates. With its easy-to-use formulation, it’s ideal for driveways, paths and cycle ways that need anti-slip properties. In terms of coverage, around 125 kg will cover 10m².

What kind of preparation is need for the driveway?

In order to use this specialist coating, you must make sure the surface is clean of weeds, standing water and oily patches. Potholes should also be repaired beforehand. FixMaster also offer products which can help you do this.

Need to seal fine cracks in your pathway?

Along with this product, we also have Revive-A-Drive 2812, which is a rapid water based polymer bitumen compound. It is ideal for sealing fine cracks and voids in the surface course.

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